Privacy Policy

Twilmer respects your privacy and does not collect any sensitive user information as standard; nor is it required for playing the game.

Personal player data is neither shared with third parties, stored online nor sent back to us.

There is however a social media component for your convenience. It is completely optional and turned off by default. How it works You may choose to connect your Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus profile for sharing your in-game achievements with your friends and other players.

What is shared The high-score rankings display your name or alias, as seen on your public profile, the number of stars you hold, and the last level you have unlocked in the game. That's it! By connecting your profile to the high-score rankings, you agree to these three pieces of information being visible to other connected players.

Other users can only see the ranking as is. They cannot interact with your profile directly, nor can they request to do so from the app.

How do I disconnect my profile?

To disconnect from the rankings, please log in your Facebook or Google Plus profile. Go to app permissions. Disconnect Fruit Bump. Save changes.. Other All access permissions Fruit Bump needs to work are displayed when you install the app.

These permissions are standard for its class of software. Device permissions aren't used for any other purpose other than making the game run on your device. The game uses mobile advertisement services to show small, unobtrusive advertisements. In-app advertisements are classed as dynamic content, which is covered by the app's 'Low Maturity' rating. Twimler does not control this service. By clicking on any of the advertisements, you will be subject terms and conditions and privacy policy of such Mobile Ad services.